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Selling High-Density Storage

What in the world is high-density storage?

High-density storage maximizes space by eliminating aisles and compacting storage and/or shelving into a smaller amount of space. Access to files is obtained by shifting rows of shelving.

High Quality North American Steel
Welded Carriages Heavy duty steel
Powder Coat provides a durable surface
Anti-tip on all carriages is standard

Are you interested in generating additional income?

The High-density storage industry offers an incredible advantage to generate profitable sales AND serve more customers. Spacefile will partner with you to keep this money-making opportunity in-house! We have been focused for decades on serving the universal need for high-density storage, pioneering and developing key storage technologies. Our designs showcase ways to increase storage up to four-fold.

Average system sale $50k - $75k
Average close rate 75%
Range of project revenue: $50k - $2M
Earn money based on your effort

How can Spacefile help?

Marketing support: Lead generation, social media marketing, digital marketing, marketing collateral

Operations support: Service & Installation, project management

Spacefile will help you sell and solve storage issues for existing and new customers

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