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Square footage in any professional environment costs money. High-density storage maximizes space by eliminating aisles and compacting storage and/or shelving into a smaller amount of space. Access to files is obtained by simply shifting rows of shelving. Our storage and shelving systems are available in static, manual, mechanical assist or electrically operated styles. High-density storage will give you more space- no construction required.

SDSe system with custom end panels
SDS Mechanical Assist system with LT shelving
SDSm Manual System with white boards and LT shelving
LT Shelving with dividers
Cantilever shelving with mounted lights
S-Line shelving in a retail stockroom

Spacefile - Uncompromising Quality

High quality North American Steel

Welded Carriages: Heavy duty 12-gauge steel

Powder Coat Paint: Durable hard surface

Safety: Anti-tip on all carriages

Where High-Density Storage is found

Whatever your needs, whatever your industry, Spacefile can design a storage solution for you to keep your team organized, efficient, and highly productive. We provide storage for schools, libraries, hotels, museums, offices, manufacturers, law enforcement, military units, government agencies, stores, and other organizations nationwide. Not sure what your storage solution will look like? Check out some of our projects below

Cantilever library shelving
SDS Mechanical Assist system with LT shelving
SDS Mechanical Assist system in a healthcare setting
SDSe system in a government setting
Double-sided art rack
SDS Mechanical Assist system in a government setting
LT perforated shelving for a University Locker Room
SDS Mechanical Assist System in Hospitality
SDS mechanical system in a University Library

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Track choices: Most in the industry

Great ideas: We consider product flow

Rich History: Experience across industries

Great capability: Large project expertise

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