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Design Considerations

Tower crane

This handbook is to be utilized by the architects and engineers who will determine the ability of the floor system to safely support Spacefile’s high-density mobile storage units. Spacefile International Corp and its engineers will not determine if our high-density mobile storage systems can be installed on a particular floor due to the fact that this is the responsibility of the architect and structural engineers of record. This handbook contains example calculations, diagrams, and charts to aid the architects and engineers of record in determining the suitability of the floor system for our high-density mobile storage units. Should a floor loading issue arise, Spacefile International Corp will provide suggestions and alternatives in order to assist in the successful resolution of the floor loading issues.

When placing a high-density mobile storage system on a structural floor composed of slabs, beams, and girders, the architect or engineer of record should consider the entire structural floor assembly. Most high-density mobile storage systems are relatively small and can be installed on structural floors without retrofitting the existing structure. For existing buildings, additional structural support, if required, will be more economical if the support beams are installed above the slab. For buildings being designed or built, the addition of beams under the tracks and beams and girder reinforcement, if required, should occur below the floor.

The structural floor system has to be reviewed for both stress and deflection due to the fact that a high-density mobile storage system is very sensitive to floor deflection. The wheels will move by gravity if the floor deflects significantly after the system is loaded. To eliminate "drifting" -- the unwanted movement of the carriages -- it is important for the design professional to use realistic loads in order to determine floor deflection. This handbook will address the multiple aspects of the design so that the high-density mobile storage system can successfully be placed on a structural slab

Floor Loading Guidelines: