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5 Advantages of High-Density storage

image of high density storage in retail setting

Increase floor space

High-density mobile shelving eliminates the underutilized space in the aisles which is near twice the width of the actual shelves.   Mobile shelving is also versatile and can offer height, width, and other configuration options to meet the needs of the space.

image of high density storage with athletic and sports equipment

Double storage capacity

image of high density storage unit in healthcare setting

High-density mobile shelving can increase storage space by nearly 50%, increasing storage capacity.  In addition, it has three times the storage capacity of ‘traditional’ filing and shelving in the same amount of floor space

Improve organization and convenience

image of high density storage in a government setting

Storing stock or inventory is no problem with high-density. Almost any type of storage can be mounted onto a mobile system (including your existing shelving and cabinets).  This is incredibly useful for organizations that store collections, like art museums.

No need to pay for offsite storage

image of high density storage in a pharmaceutical facility

Offsite storage is significantly more expensive and can incur more costs-but it also involves additional logistics, staff, and travel time to get back and forth. 

Reduce workplace safety hazards

image of high density storage and shelving in a retail setting

When you’re out of space, items are likely to become disorganized and cluttered. This could lead to safety hazards for anyone attempting to access or locate an item. 

Ready to start building out your High-density storage system?  Contact Spacefile today.  One of our team members would be happy to complete a free storage efficiency analysis.

High-density storage at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum

Founded in 1972, the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum acquires, documents, preserves, and maintains a complete collection of aircraft flown by the Canadian military from World War II to the present.  The museum has the mandate to preserve the artifacts, books, periodicals, and manuals relating to this time period.

Museums are continually expanding their collections, and a fraction of any collection is on public display at any given time. Collections storage was a challenge for the Canadian War Plane Museum, and the staff needed a better solution to keep collections accessible and organized.  The museum has several Spacefile systems that keep objects secure, organized, and easily accessible.  Spacefile worked with the museum staff to develop a space-saving solution while maintaining easy access to all of the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum’s Artifacts.

This system was designed to protect the past but can also accommodate a growing collection.  Check out the before and after photos below. 

Before high-density storage:

image of cluttered storage area at Canadian Warplane museum
image of cluttered storage area at Canadian warplane museum
image of cluttered area for art storage at Canadian warplane museum

After high-density storage:

image of installed high density storage unit for artifacts
image of artifacts in high density storage unit at Canadian Warplane museum
image of artifacts in high-density storage unit at Canadian Warplane museum

Spacefile has developed many customized solutions for museums and galleries that include:

  • Double-sided hanging art racks on mobile track
  • Pull out shelves and drawer for multimedia objects
  • Open carriages for oversize artifacts and collections awaiting restoration
  • Carts for mobile transportation or low-profile storage
  • Boxes on mobile systems for photographic and film materials

Interested in learning more about storage for artifacts, collectibles, and fine art? Spacefile offers a completely finished solution for all your storage needs. From consultation to the installation, The Spacefile team is all you need. Contact Spacefile today for more information.

Shelving and storage: make it work in your office

All offices are in need of storage space.  Finding the right solutions to suit the needs of the business is critical to success.   Shelving is a popular storage type for offices, as it offers an easily accessible way to organize and protect business materials such as paperwork, files, stationery, supplies, and stock. What is ideal when considering an office shelving and/or storage system?  Please see below for some key considerations to improve your workplace.

Accessibility: Is the shelving accessible?

Many businesses need to use files and folders on a regular basis and easy accessibility is key.  Choosing shelving products that are the right size, depth and shape are a great start but also consider how easily staff will be able to use this storage when more than one person needs to access. 

Functionality: Is shelving functional?

The reasons behind a storage and shelving system are important and should be considered before committing to a particular shape or design.  

Space: Is there enough space for?

Space is at a premium everywhere and can be quite costly.   A shelving and storage system that takes up less room and simultaneously creates more floor space is a bonus.   High-density mobile storage is a perfect fit for organizations that want to gain space without losing storage capacity.

Style: Is it stylish?

Storage doesn’t have to be boring or ugly.  Spacefile systems can complement the style and ambiance of the space.  Custom colors and finishes are also an option, creating a storage system that is attractive and efficient.

Answering these questions will help you choose a shelving and/or storage system that will work best for your organization.   Need help figuring out what will work best for you?  Spacefile is happy to help you and your organization make effective and efficient decisions about your space.  Contact us today!

Checklist: Things to think about BEFORE choosing a storage system.

What needs to be stored?

picture of athletic storage, sports storage, basketball storage

High-density shelving and storage is quite versatile and can store everything from files to golf bags, and uniquely shaped items.  

Will you need additional storage in the future?

photo of LT shelving, shelving system, shelving unit

Choose your storage system and shelving wisely.  Should expansion be in your future, Spacefile has a wide range of reconfigurable products. 

Do you have any ‘stuff’ that needs to be locked or secured?

image of high density storage with locking tambour door

High-density storage systems can include secure storage options.  Accessories such as tambour doors, and locking handles and drawers.

How heavy are the items that you want to store?

image of industrial high-density storage

High-density storage and shelving can support heavy loads.  Ensure that you consider the items that you will be storing on the shelving unit.

How much space is available for a unit?

photo of SDS Mechanical storage system, high density mobile storage

Good news!  High-density storage and shelving require very little space.

Are aesthetics important?

picture of law storage, storage system, lawyer

High-density storage does not have to be boring or ugly.   Spacefile offers a number of accessory options, including custom end panels and laminates.

Answering these questions will help you choose a high-density storage system that will work best for your organization.   Need help figuring out what will work best for you?  Spacefile is happy to help you and your organization make effective and efficient decisions about your space.  Contact us today!

Where can High-density storage be found?

Spacefile has been focused for decades on serving the universal need for High-Density storage.  We’ve pioneered and developed a number of key storage technologies over the years.  Our designs showcase ways to increase storage up to four-fold, with Canadian built products of uncompromising quality, attention to detail and best-in-class value. 

Interestingly enough, you can find Spacefile high-density storage in a wide range of environments.  Check out the examples below (examples are not inclusive):


Optimizing storage and managing floor space is a major challenge in the Retail Industry. Spacefile’s professional in-house design team has the knowledge and experience needed to create efficient stock rooms and customized retail storage systems. Our design team will optimize existing floor space by designing a mobile shelving system with the best track choice, shelving options, and accessories for your floor plan.


Developing and outfitting libraries for over 30 years, Spacefile has participated in the evolution of the library. Spacefile systems store everything from books and magazines to videos, DVDs, computers, and multi-media.


The storage infrastructure of museums, galleries, and government archives are critical in preserving art and artifacts for future generations. Spacefile offers a large selection of customized storage solutions aimed at securely storing artwork in optimal conditions, to ensure your collection is preserved for years to come.

Spacefile is a world leader in high-density mobile storage systems and can develop a solution for nearly every industry. With 50 years of experience, Spacefile provides solutions that are customized to client needs, while maintaining competitive pricing.

Contact us today to learn more!

Creative space for business…is it a must-have?

It seems that the ‘trend’ in office design lately is towards a more creative and collaborative vibe.  Employers know that recruiting and retaining top talent requires more than a decent salary and benefits.  

There are some advantages to having a ‘creative’ office space:

-The talent pool for quality employees in markets such as technology & software are quite competitive.  Many companies in these industries are attempting to craft a more exciting and fun place to work.

-Original brick wall, high ceilings with exposed mechanical equipment, and open floor plans are in heavy demand.  Large kitchen areas, game rooms, break out areas with comfortable chairs and sofas, access to outdoor space are all seen as substantial amenities.  

Along with advantages to thinking outside the box when it comes to office space, a major disadvantage is cost.  Cost disadvantages associated with higher rent and increased construction to obtain the ‘desired’ look.  Companies may need to invest substantial dollars to achieve the look and feel.

The company office is more than just work space-it’s a ‘home away from home’ for employees.   The office should be a comfortable space that people enjoy being in; a work environment should foster inspiration, creativity, and productivity.  More and more companies are investing in workspaces that encourage a collaborative & inspiring environment for staff to enjoy. 

High-density storage: how to improve efficiency in your organization

High-density storage is essential in nearly every market. Organization for any business is more than having files or inventory in place-it takes effort.  What does it take to be organized?  You need maximum capacity and efficiency in the smallest allowable storage space.   Efficiency and being organized translate into lower costs and higher profits. 

photo of Mini Storage Aisle MSA, rolling storage, filing unit, rolling storage

High-density products help you stay organized

In addition to storing items efficiently, it is imperative that you are able to access your stored items quickly and easily.   You also need to be able to adapt and/or reconfigure your storage to the changing needs of your business (such as expansion).

  • Spacefile’s storage solutions are able to be reconfigured-whether adding more storage space or just changing the layout out of a room.  High-density storage is flexible.
  • Access is quick and easy!  Staff won’t be squeezing through aisles or making tight turns to find what they are looking for.
image of high density storage untis

Additional Benefits

High-density storage makes the best possible use of your space on a day to day basis.

  • Ease of access:  You’ll save time!  Efficient storage is one thing but if your business is using storage as a daily part of business operations, high-density offers the quick and easy access you need.
  • Increased free space:  This storage offers up to 50% more space than ‘traditional’ storage with an innovative design that eliminates static aisles.
  • High-Density storage can look good:  Typically, the words ‘storage’ and ‘aesthetically pleasing’ don’t go together.  Spacefile offers a wide range of accessories and finishes that blend seamlessly into most environments.

Contact Spacefile International today to learn how you and your business can better organize your space with storage solutions. 

Spacefile Solutions in Action: Retail

Retail backrooms are some of the most challenging places to optimize storage.  Often cluttered and overflowing with inventory, the task of organizing ‘stuff’ seems daunting.  A high-density system can dramatically increase capacity, improving efficiency, and restoring order.  It makes sense to maximize storage space vertically.  The Spacefile team has the knowledge and experience needed to create an efficient stock room and sales floor areas. A system can be customized to fit your needs.  

Check out a Solution in Action for a major retailer

Check out a Solution in Action for a major retailer:

Danier has earned its reputation as a leader in fashion for over 40 years.  The dedication and commitment to customer satisfaction earned the appreciation of those who sought style with quality.   Today, Danier remains the essential fashion destination for leather. 

The Challenge

Danier Leather was running out of space in their back room and approached Spacefile to design and manufacture a high-density mobile storage system that would maximize their capacity.

The Goal

Danier wanted a new storage solution to increase efficiency and space in the back room. 

The Solution

Spacefile developed a cost-effective solution for Danier to maximize storage capacity in the back room. Our LT 4-Post system was a great fit.

image of high density storage in retail setting:  hanging rods
image of high density storage in a retail setting:  Mechanical assist

Why Spacefile LT Shelving works for Retail operations:

  • The fully adjustable design facilitates shelf and accessory positioning in 1-1 1/2 increments for maximum versatility
  • Variety of versatile accessories including lockable options to meet virtually any security criteria
  • Double entry (dual-sided access) and back to back configurations
  • Various upright designs, including open, closed, perforated, case/library style
  • Custom widths, depths, heights, and shelf gauges are available
  • Modular design allows for quick & simple installation
  • Easy to reconfigure, reuse or relocate
image of high density storage in a retail setting:  shelving and mechanical assist system

Retail Operations + High-Density Storage = A great fit!

Optimizing storage and managing floor space is a major challenge in today’s retail environment.  High-density shelving and storage are a perfect ‘fit’ for retail operations today.  Space is at a premium and high-density can assist with recovering valuable space or doubling storage capacity.

High-density storage increases storage capacity by reducing aisle space significantly, which can improve customer service and sales by allowing for more inventory, better organization, and product accessibility.

image of high density shelving and storage in a retail setting.

Why Retail Organizations love high-density storage

  • Utilizing high-density storage in your space creates additional profit generating space and reduces the storage footprint.  The system is completely customized to the space and needs of the organization.
  • High-density storage can be reused, relocated and reconfigured based on business needs and can evolve with the business.
  • Spacefile’s selection of display shelving and equipment can create an attractive and functional sales area.
  • A wide variety of accessories are available to add to any system including hanging rods, pegboard, whiteboards, custom end panels, and much more. 
image of high density shelving and storage in a retail stockroom

How Spacefile can help your organization

Spacefile offers a full range of retail storage solutions that can manage items like sales inventories, clothing, boxed items, consumer packaged goods, and bulk items. Anywhere there is inventory-whether it is front of house or back of house, a high-density storage system can manage it.  Spacefile’s professional in-house design team has the knowledge and experience needed to create efficient stock room and sales floor areas with our customized retail high-density storage systems. 

Interested in learning more about what Spacefile can do for your retail operation?  Contact us today for a free storage efficiency analysis.

Back to school! Staying organized during the school year

Schools have a limited amount of space and funding to expand their classrooms, which are only getting smaller as the number of students increases.  Educators need to maximize the space they do have in order to create an efficient (and fun) classroom. 

image of classroom with desks

Tips to keep you organized during the school year

Here are a few ideas that teachers and other classroom professionals can use to save space and improve the look of the classroom (and help you stay organized).

image of teacher's desk

Teacher’s Desk-

First things first, work on your desk, the hub of the classroom.  Position your desk so that you can see every inch of the classroom and try to keep items on your desk to a minimum. You want to be an example to your students about managing your workspace.  After your desk is in place, organize your student’s desks. Keep a couple of things in mind… Do you want them in groups of four? Will the desks be in line? 

image of high density storage in classroom

High-Density Mobile shelving-

For general supply shelving such as textbooks, art supplies, athletic gear, library books, sheet music, and more, high-density mobile shelving is the perfect solution. Classrooms, textbook rooms, and other storage areas in schools are often filled to capacity, but you can easily reduce the amount of floor space you use by getting rid of aisles between rows of shelving. This way, you can use only the space you need, when you need it.

image of organized bins

Use labeled storage bins to hold supplies on shelves-

Shelves can quickly become messy as books, supplies, and learning tools jumble together. Sort similar items together into storage bins. Label the bin with its purpose, and set the bins on the shelves. Remind students to put away their supplies in the proper bin.

  • For example, you might have separate bins for scissors, paintbrushes, pencils, calculators, or different colors of paper. Store bins that contain dangerous items, like scissors, up high or behind your desk, especially if you teach younger children. Teach your students the proper way that these supplies should be distributed to avoid accidents.
  • You can organize books like this as well. Organize bins by the subject, such as history or fiction, or with the reading levels of each book.
  • You can get creative with what you use for storage bins, especially if you don’t want to spend much money. Jars work great for pens, pencils, markers, and paintbrushes. Shoe boxes can hold CDs, blocks, or calculators. It’s also a great idea to ask your administration for items that are available for your use. For example, there may be a teacher supply room that you can access or extra boxes available for use.

Teach students the classroom routine on the first day of class

Involve students in daily classroom management. Show them where all of the supplies are located. Instruct them on how to follow the class rules, and ask them to put away their things before they leave.

  • For example, you might say, “It is very important to put away your art supplies in the proper bin. If you’re not sure where it goes, ask me.”
  • Emphasize to students that they should keep their desks and cubbies organized. Explain to them the importance of a clean work area. You might say, “It is easy to get work done if your desk is clean. Throw away any old papers. Remember, no gum in the classroom.”

Interested in learning more about high-density mobile shelving for your classroom? Contact us today!