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Creative space for business…is it a must-have?

It seems that the ‘trend’ in office design lately is towards a more creative and collaborative vibe.  Employers know that recruiting and retaining top talent requires more than a decent salary and benefits.  

There are some advantages to having a ‘creative’ office space:

-The talent pool for quality employees in markets such as technology & software are quite competitive.  Many companies in these industries are attempting to craft a more exciting and fun place to work.

-Original brick wall, high ceilings with exposed mechanical equipment, and open floor plans are in heavy demand.  Large kitchen areas, game rooms, break out areas with comfortable chairs and sofas, access to outdoor space are all seen as substantial amenities.  

Along with advantages to thinking outside the box when it comes to office space, a major disadvantage is cost.  Cost disadvantages associated with higher rent and increased construction to obtain the ‘desired’ look.  Companies may need to invest substantial dollars to achieve the look and feel.

The company office is more than just work space-it’s a ‘home away from home’ for employees.   The office should be a comfortable space that people enjoy being in; a work environment should foster inspiration, creativity, and productivity.  More and more companies are investing in workspaces that encourage a collaborative & inspiring environment for staff to enjoy.