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5 Advantages of High-Density storage

image of high density storage in retail setting

Increase floor space

High-density mobile shelving eliminates the underutilized space in the aisles which is near twice the width of the actual shelves.   Mobile shelving is also versatile and can offer height, width, and other configuration options to meet the needs of the space.

image of high density storage with athletic and sports equipment

Double storage capacity

image of high density storage unit in healthcare setting

High-density mobile shelving can increase storage space by nearly 50%, increasing storage capacity.  In addition, it has three times the storage capacity of ‘traditional’ filing and shelving in the same amount of floor space

Improve organization and convenience

image of high density storage in a government setting

Storing stock or inventory is no problem with high-density. Almost any type of storage can be mounted onto a mobile system (including your existing shelving and cabinets).  This is incredibly useful for organizations that store collections, like art museums.

No need to pay for offsite storage

image of high density storage in a pharmaceutical facility

Offsite storage is significantly more expensive and can incur more costs-but it also involves additional logistics, staff, and travel time to get back and forth. 

Reduce workplace safety hazards

image of high density storage and shelving in a retail setting

When you’re out of space, items are likely to become disorganized and cluttered. This could lead to safety hazards for anyone attempting to access or locate an item. 

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