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High-density storage at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum

Founded in 1972, the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum acquires, documents, preserves, and maintains a complete collection of aircraft flown by the Canadian military from World War II to the present.  The museum has the mandate to preserve the artifacts, books, periodicals, and manuals relating to this time period.

Museums are continually expanding their collections, and a fraction of any collection is on public display at any given time. Collections storage was a challenge for the Canadian War Plane Museum, and the staff needed a better solution to keep collections accessible and organized.  The museum has several Spacefile systems that keep objects secure, organized, and easily accessible.  Spacefile worked with the museum staff to develop a space-saving solution while maintaining easy access to all of the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum’s Artifacts.

This system was designed to protect the past but can also accommodate a growing collection.  Check out the before and after photos below. 

Before high-density storage:

image of cluttered storage area at Canadian Warplane museum
image of cluttered storage area at Canadian warplane museum
image of cluttered area for art storage at Canadian warplane museum

After high-density storage:

image of installed high density storage unit for artifacts
image of artifacts in high density storage unit at Canadian Warplane museum
image of artifacts in high-density storage unit at Canadian Warplane museum

Spacefile has developed many customized solutions for museums and galleries that include:

  • Double-sided hanging art racks on mobile track
  • Pull out shelves and drawer for multimedia objects
  • Open carriages for oversize artifacts and collections awaiting restoration
  • Carts for mobile transportation or low-profile storage
  • Boxes on mobile systems for photographic and film materials

Interested in learning more about storage for artifacts, collectibles, and fine art? Spacefile offers a completely finished solution for all your storage needs. From consultation to the installation, The Spacefile team is all you need. Contact Spacefile today for more information.